Spring Blog

Spring Time in the Hill Country.  76 degrees one day, 40 degrees the next.

Spring has kept me busy this year, as Ive had a surge of work lately.

I attended the mandatory TREC SOP / Legal and Ethics class recently.

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Winter Blog

Winter time is here and with the cold and rain I thought I would talk a little about how this effects the home inspection.

Home Inspector work in all weather. From 100 + degrees to Freezing cold.

If it is less than 60 drgrees that day the AC system is not operated, a visual inspection is done.

If it is wet outside the Inspector will not open and inspect any exterior electricl panels and will not check exterior outlets. The chance of electrucution is too graet to risk.

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Comercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections?  I get some calls asking if I'm licensed to do them.

Commercial Inspections in Texas are different than residential inspections. Commercial Inspections are not governed or licensed in Texas. Anyone who has "quailfied knowledge" can do Commercial Inspections. No license required and no State forms or rules. There are no Inspecting Standards for Commercial Inspections.

So basicly, anyone who thinks they can do them, can.

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2018 Summer Blog

I finally have some time to do some blogging.

Our first real rain in months is upon us and all of the Texas Hill Country needs rain bad.

Business is off to a on-off start. Similar to 2016. Nothing like the great year of 2017. The market is slowing changing. The change is not good if your the "average or younger" buyers. Home is some areas have become so expensive that people are now renting more, living with parents and living in homes too small for thier family. An afforable small home can be hard to find.

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2018's Blog

Hello to 2018.

For the most part my 2017 grew to a point where I could not help all the people who called. Taking in mind that I now do mostly only one inspection per day, plan around bad weather and a guy's got to take some time off to fish.

I joined NACHI and was quailfied for the Professional Level membership.

2017 was also the year of technoligy failures and upgrades. My computor and phone had to be repalced. Dead flashlights and tools & flat tires piled on.

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TPREIA / NACHI Certified Professional Inspector - Member

I have joined TPREIA / NACHI .

They are quickly growing to be one of the Premier Learning Associations.

This will give me access to some great information and training classes.

I recently attended classes in Bryan and was impressed with the professioanl way it was set-up.

I qualified to be a Certified Professial Inspector that required 10 years and 1,000+  inspections. 

You never know everything in this business and will help in the future.

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Mid-Summer Blog

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I finally had some time off, so I thought I would Blog a bit about Stucco.

Stucco is the most problematic exterior siding there is. Stucco is also the most difficult to inspect.

Stucco is like a Rotten Egg.  It can look like any other egg on the outside but once it's opened up, you have your surprise. All under laying wood and componets are not visable to inspect.

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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniverary to K & S Inspections.

12 years in business !

I have been real busy this Spring and have not had alot of time to Blog or post new pictures.

Hopefully I get a few days off to catch up on these things. (and maybe go Fishing )

Till then,



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2017 Blog

Had a few minutes so I thought I would blog a  bit.

2017 has been a very busy start. I had to take over areas for the HUD 203K loan program and that combined with my current schedule has had me running at full speed. I've had to start doing two+ inspections a day at times.

This has cut into my river fishing time but it's fine for a while.

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