Home Inspection Client Testimonials

Casey & Erin from Harper wrote:

"Kevin's professionalism and friendliness was more than excellent. The Home Inspection documents and folder left a good impression on me about K & S's professionalism and ability to provide a great service. We could not be any more pleased and will tell everyone about your great work."

Wil and DeAnn of Lakehills wrote:

"Mr. Fuqua was most polite and humored my 2 year old daughter by putting acorns in his pocket.  Getting the report on-site in 30 minutes was wonderful. I will refer anyone to K & S inspections. I was fully satisfied." 

Benita of Fair Oaks wrote:

"Kevin was wonderful! Very professional, punctual and knowledgeable. I will definitely make him MY inspector."


Annie of Fair Oaks wrote:

Kevin made me very comfortable in explaining the process.
Extremely Professional.


Bill & Millie of Fredericksburg wrote:

We really appreciate your hard work & help with our acquisition. 


Ann of Fredericksburg wrote:

I sure appreciate your quick turn around on this report.

I really enjoyed meeting you and hope we get a chance to say hello again once I'm through this trying process.  You did an awesome job!!
Many thanks,
All the best,


Pam of Kerrville wrote;

Was up to date on the codes, gave helpful tips throughout inspection.

Pleasant to work with, will make referrals!



Reagan from Houston wrote:

Many thanks for the good work on the Mason house. I really appreciate your follow through. If needed, you can use me as a reference.

Best regards, Reagan


Marjarie & Jack from Fredericksburg has K & S Inspection 5-star with a big Thank You.


Nettle from Fredericksburg rates K & S Inspections 5-star.


Max from Spring Branch wrote: The last couple of rain storms were just the kind that would result in my family room ceiling to drip and leak. But, thanks to your vision and expertise, we are staying good and dry. This is the first incidence of driving rain we've had since you were here in February for the Inspection, and since I repaired the Stucco where you discovered the problem. So, thank you so much and, if you ever need a recommendation, I am ready to put your name up in lights!


Nickie from Bandera rated K & S Inspection 5-stars.


As of January 2016, K & S Inspections will have all reviews submitted through Angie's List. Not only will this give un-bias screened reviews but I can now offer a 40% discount to a 1 year membership to Angie's List! (This makes the cost like $6 )  Thank you all again.